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Banquet Studios
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Why Record at the Banquet Studios?

Environment...  Fidelity...  Expertise     


Pro Tools Digital Hard-Disk Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering Systems


What does this mean to you?


  • Crystal-clear 24 bit noise-free fidelity

  • Perfect non-destructive, Noiseless digital assembly and editing

  • Digital transfers with no sonic degredation

  • Affordable, hard disk recording (substantial savings from tape costs) 

  • Fully Automated Digital Mixing

  • Album master sequencing

  • Narration footage or dialogue

  • Audio CDR & DVD Masters burned on site!

  • Impossible music edits? Not any more.


Audio Restoration and Noise Removal  - reel to reel and LP's


Video Editing, Assembly (Final Cut X)

Tuned Rooms


Pro Tools control, mixing and editing room - large main room for Piano recording


Competitive Rates   Special recording rates available with 3-time Grammy nominated producer Warren Dennis Kahn


With a full complement of exceptional microphones, automated mixing, outboard processing, samplers/synthesizers, and the best sounding . . . 7’ Yamaha concert grand piano on the West Coast!




The Real difference between quality studios is always the person behind the board. There is no substitute for inspirational environment, talent, experience and supportive attitude and energy. It is what encourages creativity to come through at full voltage. With over 46 years of recording experience, three GRAMMY nominations, & 1000's of completed successful recording projects, Warren knows how to turn your artistic vision into a recorded product sure to surpass your creative vision.


Call for details and to get your questions answered.


Experience for yourself what has made The Banquet Studios successful for over 4 decades!


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