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PanGaia Speaks for the Earth

PanGaia creations come out of the necessity and urgency for the protection of the Earth. We share out of a fierce need, and out of an ‘inner call’ to give voice to what the Earth would say if it could speak in human language.

We have been listening and creating a unique sound in the New age music: primal, multilingual, multi-sensory..a sound that could help people connect to their original Nature blueprint and integrate some their shadow parts such as grief... or awe.

“Offerings to the Russian River” video:

Eco Happening on the Russian River-Pangaia Arts Ensemble

Shortened and re-edited version of the full film by Maurizio Benazzo and Nick Day, edited by Nick Day for Progressive Source Communications and Pangaia Arts.

You can hear some of our first CD at

PanGaia Art Ensemble's Albums | Stream Online Music Albums | Listen Free on Myspace

PanGaia Art Ensemble's albums: Listen to albums by PanGaia Art Ensemble on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by PanGaia Art Ensemble

Currently Pangaia is finishing its second album, “Que Hable la Tierra-Let the Earth speak”, a bilingual project, weaving Earth poetry and ancient-modern instruments all in service of re-claiming “Earth Rights” and our place in this tapestry of Life. Featuring Tami Gosnell (vocalist), Giorgia Ghizoni(cello), Joaquin Lopez de San Roman (poet/ Healer) and Rene Jenkins (sound healer).

We will have a CD release Dec 8th at a Petaluma private house( contact for more info).

Working at Banquet Studios has been an amazing experience. The staff are professional, caring and efficient. Their communication and listening skills separate them from many other studios. The environment and ambience are inspirational and the perfect place for our music-medicine to come forward in it’s full power!

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