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Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell

"After completing five enormously satisfying projects at The Banquet I can say without hesitation, this is the best studio in all of Sonoma county! The staff -Warren, Darryl and Shanin- are each masterful at their craft, thoroughly professional, they are superb at getting the sonic, & tonal quality needed and the setting is...well, beautiful.

The Banquet is my favorite place to record. I've done a half dozen projects with them and I can tell you they are entirely consistent in quality, professionalism and work ethic.

Plus they're just fun people to work with! Shanin, Darryl and Warren are a dream team that welcomes you and your project with real enthusiasm and a wish for your success.

The quality of the recordings, the expertise in engineering and mastering is easily as good as what comes out of the "big" studios. Indeed, given the individual attention your project gets, I'd say better than the big studios!

Beyond this, they make the experience of recording a stress free event and are masterful at providing useful feedback in a productive, non-judgmental way. If you're considering a recorded project and are looking for a fair priced team of creative collaborators, you'll find that at The Banquet."

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